Деньги под залог


Favorable financing conditions secured by real estate 3.5% per month up to 60 months.

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Займ до продажи


Financing before the sale of real estate 3.5% per month up to 60 months.

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Favorable conditions for refinancing your loans

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Залог авто


Favorable financing conditions on the security of a car 3.5% per month up to 60 months.

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Залог авто

Car deposit

Favorable financing conditions on the security of a car 3.5% per month up to 60 months.

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Real Estate Pledge

Favorable financing conditions secured by real estate 3.5% per month up to 60 months.

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Favorable conditions for on-lending and refinancing of your loans.

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Loan before sale

Financing before the sale of real estate from 3.5% per month up to 60 months



Loan calculator

Choose the amount and term of the loan
Desired loan amount

300 000 uah

from 50 000 up to 500 000
Credit term

1 year

from 2 mon. up to 60 mon.


Annuity (body and interest)
Percent only

К погашению:

Процентная ставка — 2 400 uah

Credit Amount — 150 700 uah

Call us on +38 097 184 58 89

Or leave a request and we will call you back within 30 minutes

Loan calculation example

Annuity repayment schedule

Loan amount: 100 000 UAH .

Interest rate: 42% per annum

Commissions: none

Loan term: 12 months .

The cost of the collateral object: from UAH 150 000 .

Monthly payment: 10 348 UAH .

Interest for the entire period: 24 176 UAH .

Repayment schedule only %

Loan amount: 100 000 UAH .

Interest rate: 42% per annum

Commissions: none

Loan term: 12 months .

The cost of the collateral object: from UAH 150 000 .

Monthly payment: 3 500 UAH.

Interest for the entire period: 42 000 UAH.

Notary costs: a pledge agreement of UAH 3000 and loan agreement 2000 UAH

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How long is a loan application considered?

Our company gives an answer two hours after receiving documents from the client. This can be either a personal transfer, or a photo of clear quality on e-mail or messengers of the company.

What documents do you need to submit to consider the application?

Auto: registration certificate, passport and owner code Real estate: title documents (purchase and sale, gift / barter), technical passport, passport and owner code, certificate of registration (form number 3).

How long does it take to get money?

The transaction at the notary is carried out the day after the submission of documents.

Do I need to make an initial payment to get a loan?

In our company there are no payments for obtaining a loan.

What documents are signed by a notary?

At a notary public we sign a financial loan agreement and a pledge (mortgage for real estate)

Where can I get acquainted with your contracts?

You can familiarize yourself with them both in person and on our website in the “Financial Contracts” section.

What additional costs are there on my part?

Notary services - 4,000 for cars and 5,000 UAH for housing. Auto insurance - 4% of the cost of the car, with loans with the possibility of driving.

Is it possible to pay for notary services from the loan amount?

Yes, we provide the opportunity to pay for notary services from the loan amount

How will I get the money?

You get credit funds on your card (any bank of Ukraine). Funds are credited from the company within 2-3 hours after signing the documents with a notary.

How do I need to pay for a loan?

You can pay in any way convenient for you to the bank account of our company. This can be done online, through the cashier or the terminal of any bank.

How can I track my payments?

After signing the contracts with a notary public, you will be connected to the spreadsheet through a unique link.

Is it possible to repay the loan’s body before the final time?

Yes, it's over. In our company, you can pay off part of the body at any time, which ultimately reduces the amount of interest paid, since interest is accrued on the balance

What additional penalties are provided in case of closing a loan ahead of schedule?

There are no additional payments or commissions for early repayment of the loan.

What if I cannot pay the loan?

In this case, you always have our phone number to report a temporary problem. The company's specialists will help find a way out of this situation.

Is it possible to mortgage a property if I own only part of it?

Unfortunately, to lay part of the apartment / house is not provided for by the rules of the company. If the second part of the property is owned by your relative, it is possible to sign a mortgage agreement for both you and the owner of the second half.

Is lending possible if minors are registered in the apartment?

Unfortunately, according to the legislation of Ukraine it is impossible to draw up a mortgage agreement if a child is registered in the apartment / house. The only option is to write out the child and prescribe in another place.

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Favorable lending online - PrivatLombard

Loan secured by car

Everyone faces difficulties in life, and sometimes the situation is such that a large amount of money is urgently needed. Relatives and friends have no money. Banks refuse to make concessions, and credit companies will not give much money on credit, only small loans. There is a car, but you do not want to sell it, because you are used to it and do not want to lose your transport. In this situation, the best solution may be to turn to our online pawnshop PrivatLombard, which has existed in the city of Dnipro since 2017 and during this time became a savior for several thousand car owners, because you will not have to part with a car forever. There is no need to sell your car, because you can take out a car loan and just pay off monthly interest using your own car.

How does a pawn shop work?

Lombard is, in its essence, a legally existing form of credit whereby the borrower (the person who takes the money into the loan) indicates or pledges tangible assets, such as an apartment, a car, gold (depending on the conditions of the credit company). Instead, such a company lends money to a person at a certain percentage. In order to repay such a loan and take its value from the pledge you have to pay the value of the money received with interest. At present the mortgage loan (Lombard) is one of the most widespread loans in Ukraine, because it is with the help of it you can take both a small and a large amount of credit in the Dnipro. According to the law, credit companies that provide pawnshops can be opened only in the form of "full liability company", thus the state protects the rights of borrowers against unfair companies.

Where to borrow money in the Dnipro?

In the past few years, a large number of credit societies and pawnshops have appeared in the Dnieper that offer quick loans. We propose to consider the data of the company more carefully.

- Dinero (Dinero). This credit company exists on the Ukrainian market for several years and is quite popular and in demand. No loan is left for the loan. The disadvantage of this company is that Dinero provides small loans, mainly in the amount of 10-15 thousand hryvnias, which may not be enough to purchase housing, cars, repairs or medical expenses.

- The benefit of the pawnshop. The offices of this company are located throughout Ukraine, offering micro-loans without collateral. Here, the maximum amount will be approximately equal to UAH 20,000, which is an amount slightly higher in the market, but still insufficient for large expenses.

- ShvidkoGroshi (Fast Money). This company lends money in the city of Dnipro, but the maximum loan amount is very small ∓ only 10 000 UAH., Which is suitable for household expenses, but not for capital.

- Privat Lombard. PrivatLombard company has been offering loans in the Dnieper on bail for more than 5 years and during that time it has proved to be a proven credit company. The main office of the company is located in the very center of the Dnieper on Yavornitsky Avenue (former Karl Marx Ave.). A major advantage, in comparison with other companies, is the maximum loan size of hundreds of thousands of hryvnias. The exact amount can always be discussed with the employees of our company, who are experienced specialists with extensive experience.

The conditions of our pawnshop Dnepropetrovsk are extremely loyal, namely:

  1. The term of the loan is from two months to a year. During this period, it is convenient to close all your problems and pay a loan. Also, such a margin of time will allow not to sell the car, because a loan taken for 365 days will need to be repaid not immediately, but in parts.
  2. The loan rate is only 0.1% per day (3% per month). The gentle pawnshop rate allows you not to collect cosmic amounts to pay off a loan in the Dnieper, but to pay monthly interest calmly and measuredly.
  3. Loan amount up to 80% of the market value of the car. An important advantage of PrivatLombard is that you can quickly and comfortably get a large amount of money for yourself, without having to sell your car.
  4. The minimum package of documents, which consists of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, TIN, technical passport for cars and a general power of attorney from the owner (if the seller and the owner are different people). These documents are required according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Our site has a convenient loan calculator 

You can quickly and easily calculate the cost of a loan in the Dnieper on our website using a specially designed loan calculator. It is enough to enter the desired amount, the repayment duration and select the annuity condition (part of the amount of the car + interest) or only repayment of only interest (so the monthly payment will be less, but the most recent payment will be more on the cost of the loan). Consider an example. Let's say you want to get 100 000 UAH. loan secured by cars in PrivatLombard. The loan term is suitable for you for a year, that is 12 months. You want to pay only monthly interest, and give the cost of the loan in the 12th payment. Based on the selected parameters, the monthly payment will be only 3 000 UAH., The last payment 3 000 + the loan amount.

Profitable pawnshop in the Dnieper along with PrivatLombard

Summing up the above, we can confidently say that if you or your relatives urgently needed a large amount of money that you cannot collect on your own, then the best way out of the situation is to contact Privat Lombard, in which highly qualified specialists will help you to obtain a convenient and convenient loan in the shortest possible time secured with a small percentage. Still have questions? Leave a request on our website, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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