Loan secured
by car

Get a loan


Срок кредита

Credit term

Up to 48 months

Условие по ставке

Rate Condition:

Up to 100 000 UAH - 5%
More than 100 000 UAH - 4%

Необходимые документы

Required documents:

-Passport of a citizen of Ukraine, TIN
- If the property was purchased in a marriage: passport, TIN of the spouse
- Documents of title to the vehicle

Сумма кредита

Credit amount

Up to 80%
of the car value


Осмотр авто

30 min

Car inspection

Оформление документов

3 hours


Выдача займа

2 hours

Loan issuance

Кредит под залог авто

Loan calculator

Choose the amount and term of the loan
Desired loan amount*

300 000 uah

from 25 000 up to 500 000
Credit term

1 year

from 2 mon. up to 48 mon.


Percent only

К погашению:

Процентная ставка — 2 400 uah

Credit Amount — 150 700 uah

Loan calculation example

Пример расчета кредита

Amount: 200 000 UAH

Loan term from 2 to 48 months.

Maximum annual interest rate: 60%.

Minimum annual interest rate: 42%.

Minimum maturity 2 months, maximum 48 months

There are no hidden fees or charges.

Total overpayment for 6 months without taking into account the loan body:

Total amount of payments for 6 months, taking into account interest and body: 228 912 UAH.

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How long is a loan application considered?

Our company gives an answer two hours after receiving documents from the client. This can be either a personal transfer, or a photo of clear quality on e-mail or messengers of the company.

What documents do you need to submit to consider the application?

Auto: registration certificate, passport and owner code Real estate: title documents (purchase and sale, gift / barter), technical passport, passport and owner code, certificate of registration (form number 3).

How long does it take to get money?

The transaction at the notary is carried out the day after the submission of documents.

Do I need to make an initial payment to get a loan?

In our company there are no payments for obtaining a loan.

What documents are signed by a notary?

At a notary public we sign a financial loan agreement and a pledge (mortgage for real estate)

Where can I get acquainted with your contracts?

You can familiarize yourself with them both in person and on our website in the “Financial Contracts” section.

What additional costs are there on my part?

Notary services - 4,000 for cars and 5,000 UAH for housing. Auto insurance - 4% of the cost of the car, with loans with the possibility of driving.

Is it possible to pay for notary services from the loan amount?

Yes, we provide the opportunity to pay for notary services from the loan amount

How will I get the money?

You get credit funds on your card (any bank of Ukraine). Funds are credited from the company within 2-3 hours after signing the documents with a notary.

How do I need to pay for a loan?

You can pay in any way convenient for you to the bank account of our company. This can be done online, through the cashier or the terminal of any bank.

How can I track my payments?

After signing the contracts with a notary public, you will be connected to the spreadsheet through a unique link.

Is it possible to repay the loan’s body before the final time?

Yes, it's over. In our company, you can pay off part of the body at any time, which ultimately reduces the amount of interest paid, since interest is accrued on the balance

What additional penalties are provided in case of closing a loan ahead of schedule?

There are no additional payments or commissions for early repayment of the loan.

What if I cannot pay the loan?

In this case, you always have our phone number to report a temporary problem. The company's specialists will help find a way out of this situation.

Is it possible to mortgage a property if I own only part of it?

Unfortunately, to lay part of the apartment / house is not provided for by the rules of the company. If the second part of the property is owned by your relative, it is possible to sign a mortgage agreement for both you and the owner of the second half.

Is lending possible if minors are registered in the apartment?

Unfortunately, according to the legislation of Ukraine it is impossible to draw up a mortgage agreement if a child is registered in the apartment / house. The only option is to write out the child and prescribe in another place.

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CreditCenter company has been present in the market since 2017 and now is included to the list of the most popular credit companies in Ukraine. Hundreds of satisfied customers and the same number of high-quality executed transactions are indisputable evidence of the company's high consumer rating. All our employees are professionals, that have many years of experience gained in the most prestigious financial companies in our country. If you want to get a loan secured by a car or real estate, refinancing or a loan before the sale, then the CreditCenter company will help you quickly and accurately implement the transaction. You only need a desire and a minimum package of documents, and we will provide you with any of the above services. One of our most important advantages is the quick processing time without unnecessary bureaucracy, which greatly simplifies the process and improves the quality of work. If you contact our company, we will help you solve any of your issues as soon as possible and with an individual approach. We will be glad to work with you!

Loan secured by car

       Urgently need money, but no time to earn and save? A simple and reliable way to solve this problem is to take money on the security of a car. With us, this type of loan can be obtained without an income statement, which is a significant advantage over other types of loans. Our company PrivatLombard will help you quickly and profitably get a loan secured by a car. A loan secured by a car implies receiving cash after signing a notary security paper, without putting the car on the site.

How to get a loan secured by a car in the Dnipro?

       There are several requirements in order to receive money. The first and most important requirement is the availability of your own car. It is important to clarify that you must legally own a car, that is, if your car is leased to another company, then such a car cannot be pledged. The second important requirement is the availability of documents proving the identity and ownership of the car. If these documents are in order and in your hands, then you can safely contact our pawnshop and our highly qualified staff will help you open an urgent loan for an outpost of a car.

Auto pawnshop Dnipro

       If you urgently needed a large amount of money and you have a car, then there are only two ways to get money:

  1. Urgent sale of cars. To quickly get money in the Dnipro, you can sell your car, but with an urgent sale of the car you can get about 80% of the real market value, which is extremely unprofitable - you lose not only 20% of the car price, but also the right to use your own car. Selling a car, you will not be able to move quickly and comfortably around the city, drive around Ukraine or make money with a car.
  2. Money secured by cars. The Dnepr Internet pawnshop PrivatLombard provides an opportunity to get an urgent loan for an outpost of a car, which will allow you to quickly get a large amount of money. There are several advantages to this type of receiving money: firstly, you don’t lose the right to use a car, secondly, you don’t have to sell your car urgently cheaper than the market value, and thirdly, having a car as a deposit you can earn extra money, for example, taxi driver, than you will earn extra money.

Credit calculator for your car

Our company PrivatLombard has developed its own modern loan calculator, according to which you can independently calculate the cost of your loan online. To do this, go to the tab with the calculator and enter the three most important indicators: loan amount, maturity and repayment method (annuity or only interest). We will deal with the last indicator - the repayment method.

The first possible method of paying a loan is annuity, which is more beneficial for the borrower (borrower), because according to this condition, a percentage of the loan amount, which is issued after signing the documents, is added to the interest on a monthly payment. For example, take a loan amount of 100 000 UAH. for a period of 12 months. With an annuity, every month it is necessary to pay 1/12 of the loan amount (that is, at 100 000 UAH. Monthly part of the loan amount = 8333.34 UAH) + interest. But the Interest will decrease every month due to a decrease in the loan amount.

The second option for paying a loan is only interest. In this case, only interest on the loan is paid every month, and in the last month it will be necessary to pay the total loan amount with interest for the last month.

Still have questions? You can leave a request for consultation on our website today, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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